Safe Haven Residency

Wysing Arts Centre have launched an open call for a Safe Haven residency at the centre. Open to visual artists who are a target of politically motivated threats and persecution in their home country, the residency will take place from October - December 2017.

The residency is part of ARTISTS at RISK (AR), led by Perpetuual Mobile; a human rights institution in the field of visual art. AR cooperate with organisations such as PEN, SafeMUSE and ICORN (The International Cities of Refuge Network) to address the needs of persecuted artists and other art professionals.

As a platform dedicated to persecuted art practitioners, the work of AR encompasses mapping and advocacy of art professionals 'at risk', addressing their practical needs and advancing their artistic practice. To achieve this, selected key figures are granted short or long-term residencies at so-called 'AR-Safe Havens' - not as asylum seekers, but as invited and honoured visiting art professionals. These artists not only greatly enrich their host countries, but are at the heart of rebuilding their often war-torn countries of origin.

Deadline: Monday 15 May 2017.

Further information on the residency and how to apply can be found here.