Jamm'Europe: Add your voice

Jamm’Europe is an online platform, an open space, to discuss what role culture and the arts can play in the future of Europe. Which scenarios, what policy proposals do we, cultural players aspire to? How do we envision a Europe of Culture?  

This spring, the Juncker commission published a white paper on the Future of Europe presenting five possible scenarios for the EU’s future. As a result, Culture Action Europe (CAE) initiated a discussion process among cultural operators to contribute to a vision guiding us into a sustainable future. CAE are reaching out, taking the pulse of the cultural sector from Europe and beyond to collectively shape a cultural scenario. A joint manifesto, drafted by Culture Action Europe and opened for endorsements will be the final result of this exercise.

CAE have consulted members, partners and friends in meetings in Croatia, UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and France. The conversation is now being opened up to the wider public. Register on the Jamm'Europe website and share your vision on Wednesday 5 July between 1pm and 8pm BST.