Blast Theory's 2097: We Made Ourselves Over

Photo credit: Blast Theory

Photo credit: Blast Theory

2097: We Made Ourselves Over is Blast Theory's biggest project ever co-commissioned by Hull City of Culture 2017 and Aarhus European City of Culture, Aarhus.

In five short science fiction films – each accompanied by an interactive film for smartphones – and through live events across both Hull and Aarhus, 2097: We Made Ourselves Over explores the belief that everyone has the power to act and influence the future, uncovering the unnerving and exhilarating idea that anything is possible.

At the Live in Hull launch, which will kick off on 1 October at 2pm, every phone box across the city will ring.

Across the city, a chorus begins. Phone boxes ring inviting you to answer. At the end of the line, a voice asks who you are, and a character from 2097 asks for your help. 

Pick up the call and watch as a future world is revealed in city wide screenings and a free smartphone app – giving you the chance to experience face to face encounters in an unforgettable journey to 2097.

Live in Aarhus Denmark, runs from 30 October to 5 November, blending audio, installation and interactive experiences – transporting ticket holders on a unique 90 minute journey into the future. Aarhus tickets:

Check out the new project trailer and the project website here.