Call for proposals: artist commission in Grays, Thurrock

Essex Cultural Diversity Project is currently calling for proposals for our next place-based artist commission, which will focus on Grays in Thurrock:

Budget: £10,000

Deadline: 21 November 2018

Interviews will be on 29 November 2018

For ten years Essex Cultural Diversity Project (ECDP) has been working closely with many different organisations to enhance the artistic and cultural diversity of the county, to ensure that excellence is thriving, and that cultural integration and understanding is supported and enhanced through arts and cultural activity. This is more important today than it has ever been since ECDP was established 10 years ago.

ECDP is now an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) with a key role to play across Essex and the East of England in continuing to support diversity in arts and cultural practice. We aim to achieve this through a programme of exciting but challenging place-based commissions for artists to work in different areas of Essex, and for 2018-19 we are focusing on Canvey Island, Harlow, Basildon, Grays and Jaywick Sands.

Grays, Thurrock is the focus of this commission, and we are looking for artists interested in exploring diversity through their practice, who want to work with Grays' communities, residents and local partners. Thurrock has always been an important place for migration and opportunity – the Council's formally adopted motto is "By Thames To All People of the World" - so there is an opportunity to explore and celebrate the diversity of the area: the nearby Tilbury Docks welcomed the Empire Windrush and other ships bringing new residents to the UK from all over the world. Grays is also a town that will see significant change and regeneration over the next few years due to growth plans being developed by Thurrock Council.

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