Freelance Engagement Coordinator, National Trust People's Landscapes Art Commissions (Deadline 28/11/18)

Kinder Scout is the site of the Mass Trespass of 1932. Like other contemporary protests in the 20th Century, people came together from the surrounding polluted ciites, where they sought respite and freedom on the moors from their low-paid and demanding jobs. 

It is a nationally recognised history which many believe forged the way for open public access to the countryside and the creation of the UK’s National Parks, the Peak District National Park being the first one, created in 1951.  

The Kinder Mass Trespass won us all the right to roam across this beautiful landscape. As part of a long term conservation management plan, we work with the reality that Kinder is a fragile place where peat soil, vegetation and wildlife are all becoming established. Some sites are ironically, being ‘loved to death.’ For this project we are looking for ways to encourage younger people to come out from the cities again and discover what the countryside can offer.  

In the Dark Peak, we are working with Creative Producers and a leading internationally renowned artist to develop an overall vision for the commissioning programme so that there is a shared vision to the activity at each of the sites. The artist has been working on the Kinder project since September 2018, to understand the history, the landscapes and the conservation strategies.He has introduced another high profile artist (who is also a musician) to the team and we have begun exploratory conversations around the commission.  

We are currently looking to set up a freelance contract with an Engagment Co-ordinator, to work with the artists and our team to deliver this project. Please click here for further information: Engagement Co-ordinator (PDF / 0.3MB)