Hackademia 3.0 - 5x5x5 Culture Hack


The Culture Capital Exchange's third iteration of Hackademia - 5x5x5 Culture Hack is an opportunity for early career researchers, artists and creative SMEs to role-play, collaborate, hack research, artistic and business ideas, expand works and meet potential collaborators from outside their own sectors and institutions.

In this 5x5x5 Culture Hack, 5 early career researchers, 5 artists and 5 representatives from small arts or creative companies will be given the chance to pitch their ideas for new collaborative activities on the themes below:

  • Connected Communities / Digitally Connected Citizens

  • Innovations in Health and Social care

  • Sustainability / Resilience

Event participants can sign up to the event as a provocateur and/or alternatively as a collaborator / hacker. Provocateurs should be prepared to give a 3 minute pitch on a pre-submitted idea at the drop of a hat (literally, names will be drawn out of a hat). Groups of collaborators will coalesce around their chosen provocateur to hack their research idea, artistic proposal or creative business proposal from a range of different disciplinary, research and practise perspectives. It is expected that you will have a genuine interest in helping that idea come to fruition.

Undercover talent scouts will be in the space, and will offer ongoing mentoring and support to the most interesting hacks.

The event is open to Early Career Researchers, artists, arts organisations and creative SMEs.

The non-negotiables:

  • Researchers MUST be affiliated with a TCCE member HEI - check here.

  • Would-be provocateurs are requested to submit a short synopsis of their idea upon booking

  • Would-be provocateurs should be prepared to participate as a hacker / collaborator if not randomly selected as a provocateur.

  • They ask that collaborators and hackers participate in this 5 x 5 x 5 Culture Hack with a spirit of generosity and openness.

The event takes place on Wednesday 2 May at The Blue Hall, Islington, London. Limited availability allocated on a first come, first served basis and will be assigned in equal number between researchers and creatives. Tickets can be booked here.

Whilst this event is free to participants, there will be a £50 cancellation fee to people who book and who do not notify the organisers 48 hours in advance if they can no longer attend.