Museums & Galleries Tax Relief

As many of you will know, CVAN networks worked closely with ACE to respond to the consultation on extending the creative industries tax relief to Museums and Galleries towards the end of 2016. The Museums and Galleries Exhibitions tax relief came into law in November 2017. The intention is to encourage museums and galleries to develop creative new exhibitions and to display their collections to a wider audience supporting British culture. 

The scheme is now starting roll-out but claims can be backdated to 1 April 2017. ACE is offering extensive support for claimants including an online guide to Museums & Galleries Tax Relief and a series of workshops for sector institutions and organisations running through March and April across the country. You can also find a beta version of the internal HMRC Manual here and read the Government's Policy Paper here.

CVAN is particularly concerned that many of the smaller organisations within our regional networks may encounter barriers in engaging with the scheme and we would like to ensure that take-up is even across the sector. We are urging our regional networks to disseminate information about the ACE training sessions and guides as widely as possible. We are very keen to gather feedback on any issues with the roll-out which we can take forward on behalf of the sector. Please contact your regional coordinators who will pass the information on to us or talk to CVAN directly. 

The clock is ticking to participate in ACE's workshops - time for action!

  • Ensure that you are signed up for the ACE workshops as quickly as possible - they will fill up quickly! Whomever deals with finance at your organisation should be the one to attend. 
  • Check the ACE guide
  • Contact your regional CVAN Network and make sure you're in the loop

Museums & Galleries Tax Relief at a glance:

  • Incorporated galleries can benefit and so can organisations registered as charities and subsidiaries, including those run under the control of a local authority if they're involved in producing new exhibitions. 
  • Claims can be made on qualifying expenditure after 1 April 2017 and before 31 March 2022. 
  • Relief will apply at rates of 20% for non-touring exhibitions and 25% for touring exhibitions. 
  • Relief will be capped at an equivalent of £500,000 of qualifying expenditure per exhibition.

Please don't forget to contact us or your regional CVAN network if you encounter any difficulties either in getting the information you need or in accessing the scheme itself.