Help shape fair Exhibition Payment for artists


CVAN is part of the Paying Artist Working Group which, with a-n The Artists Information Company, has launched the Exhibition Payment Survey 2018 - a new sector-wide survey to collect essential data and produce a benchmark for Exhibition Payment in the UK.

Aimed at both artists and organisations (with different sets of questions for each), the survey is the next step in securing fair payment for artists and the latest focus of a-n’s Paying Artists Campaign which established sectoral support for exhibition payment with the publication of the Exhibition Payment Guide in 2016.

The Exhibition Payment Guide sets out best practice for establishing and agreeing exhibition payments for artists. For use by artists and organisations, it is endorsed by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and Arts Council of Wales and was published following a two-year consultation.

Last year, a-n set up the Paying Artists Working Group to support implementation and development of exhibition payment over the next four years.  Outcomes of the survey will inform both the work of the Group and a-n’s continued advocacy around fair payment to artists.

Partners from the Paying Artists Working Group are encouraging artists, gallery directors, and curators to complete the survey to ensure both artists and organisations experiences are taken into consideration.

Are you an artist? Fill in this survey.

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