Consulting the CVAN Regions - Update

CVAN has been consulting since February with our regions to determine the focus for CVAN's national strategy work over the coming three years. We began with a discussion at January's CVAN coordinators' meeting and it was agreed to tailor workshops or other activities to fit around the regions' own cycles. 

Over February and March, we have been working with CVAN NE, East, NW, SE, VASW, EMVAN, New Art West Midlands and YVAN to take views from across their networks. This process has taken longer than expected to organise and we have therefore put back making a draft available for comment until all the regions have had a chance to participate. We now expect to have a draft available towards the middle of April. 

Individuals across the networks are also welcome to tweet suggestions and comments on CVAN's areas of focus to the #CVANFuture hashtag:  

  • Building a sustainable future for our world-renowned visual arts sector
  • Demonstrating the cultural, social and economic value of the visual arts and building their profile with funders, policymakers, government, and media
  • Promoting excellence and a culture of innovation and experimentation
  • Promoting socially, ethnically, and culturally diverse participation in visual arts production, education, and audience by championing cultural democracy

Inputs from this process within CVAN has also fed into our input to the ACE consultation: The next ten years: have your say CVAN participated in the ACE Umbrella Organisations Meeting on 23 March and we have subsequently met with ACE's Senior Policy Manager, Ross Burnett and Peter Heslip, Director of Visual Arts. Individuals can also participate via the ACE consultation forum here

If you'd like to participate in the online consultation for the CVAN consultation, you can tweet your comment - or tweet an image - answering one of our three questions using the hashtag #CVANFuture:

1. What is the most exceptional value the visual arts can offer society?

2. If you could change or do one thing to improve support for artists, what would that be?

3. What is the biggest challenge - what just isn't working - in terms of support for artists?