Paid arts commission based around Instagram:

Flying Object are looking for creatives with a photographic eye, an interest in social history and contemporary web culture, and a knack for storytelling on Instagram, to work with them on an original commission - part of a major UK-wide arts programme.  They are looking for people to both take and appear in photos. Successful candidates will work with their team to create a series of Instagram posts to tell one (or more) of 6 stories from around the UK.

Background and overview
We are looking for young creatives to collaborate with us to create a series of bold, visual, realistic character narratives, told through Instagram, as part of the 14-18 NOW WW1 Centenary art commissions.

We are imagining what would happen now if the UK were hit by a catastrophic, deadly flu virus, like Spanish Flu in 1918-19. That pandemic killed more people worldwide than any other event in history, and over 250,000 in the UK alone. Unusually for such a disease, it disproportionately affected young people, between 18-35, taking thousands of lives at their prime. And yet this pandemic is rarely talked about. 

For our commission, we are creating narratives based on six fictional characters in the UK today, all aged 18-35. We are going to tell these stories through a platform well used by this age group: Instagram. Each character has a backstory influenced by contemporary Instagram culture, and a pandemic story about a few days in their lives during the pandemic, set in the present day, but informed by the events of 1918-19. 

Each story will be made up of 20-30 Instagram posts, taken on location in one of the following cities: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Winchester, Ipswich, Sunderland, Manchester, London. 

The project is a partner piece to Shobana Jeyasingh Dance's new site-specific dance work, Contagion, which also deals with the Spanish Flu of 1918-19, and tours the same six cities.

What we're looking for
- We're looking for creatives to take and appear in the photos. This will mean:
- Working with Flying Object's creative department to build out the character stories and select the final photos
- Cover one or more of the locations above, travelling to each city, scouting locations, sourcing costume and props, and taking photos and/or videos in the cities. 
- You can take all the photos using a smartphone. We'll need approximately 50 photos to illustrate each narrative, and we'll select 20-30 to be posted.
- We'll be here to ensure you're properly briefed before the project, but the sourcing and taking of the imagery will be down to you. We want your creativity to give each story its own personality and feel.
- We are taking applications from individuals, pairs and small groups. So: an individual could take a single city that they are particularly familiar with, or a pair could take two cities between them. 

Key information
- We envision all the photography happening between mid-July and mid-August
- We're paying creators £1,000 for each story/city, plus a small budget for travel expenses and props/costumes. 
- All participants will be credited wherever possible
- All applicants must be available for a workshop in early July - date TBC between 16th and 20th July and be 18 or over

How to apply
- If you would like to apply, email the following to (subject line: 'Instagram Creative Brief') by midnight on 8th July.
- A short paragraph on why you are interested in being part of this project.
- Make five rough example posts to illustrate key moments in this story. These could be: photos you take yourself, sketches, examples of other photos, and/or written descriptions
- Screenshots of three of your own Instagram posts which give a sense of your Instagram style
- Any other relevant examples of your creative work, if applicable
- Details on how you would practically deliver this project - eg, individually, or with collaborators. 

Please also include in your email: 
- Your telephone number and an email address you check regularly
- Where you are typically based in the UK. Also tell us if you have any local knowledge of each of the six location cities
- Let us know if you'll be free for a phone chat between July 9-12, and able to take the photos between mid-July and mid-August

What happens next
Sun 8 Jul (midnight) Closing date for applications
Mon 9 Jul-Thu 12 Jul Shortlisting and phone chats
Friday 13th July Selected creatives notified

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