Please support What Next campaign on Brexit amendments!

CVAN is endorsing the What Next? lobby supporting certain Lords amendments to the draft EU Withdrawal Bill. Brexit is a difficult and confusing process to follow and so What Next has produced a guide to help everyone better understand the various options we as a country are facing in terms of Brexit and the impact they will each have on your work.

What's Next need our help to get the message across to MPs but time is tight, the amendments will be considered on the floor of the House on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 June 2018 - this means there's less than a week to respond by writing to your MP to make sure she or he is aware of the serious impact certain decisions within Brexit negotiations will have on our sector. 

Download What Next's crib sheets to help you draft replies here


At the end of June (28th & 29th) the European Council (28 heads of government) next meet. They want workable proposals from the UK Government on the customs union, the Irish border and other unresolved issues left over from the December 2017 draft Withdrawal Agreement.

The draft Withdrawal Agreement is also where provisions for a transitional period (April 2019-Dec 2020) are set out, failure to reach a deal would also mean no transition. The stability of the UK government is also potentially on the line as some see this as a 'high noon' between warring factions within the ruling party and cynics might feel that the debate has been brought forward and condensed to avoid full democratic scrutiny. 

The Lords have proposed a number of amendments which would tend to 'soften' Brexit - and so many of these amendments would also benefit the UK's creative and cultural sectors. The Dominic Grieve amendment means that even after (if) they pass the Withdrawal Bill (i.e. adapt British legislation in preparation for Brexit) there will still have to be a vote on the final deal that Davis/May negotiate, expected around October 2018. 

Both Labour and Conservative parties have considerable internal disagreement and the vote is likely to be close - the outcome depends on Labour's position and whether there is some rebellion among Tory ministers. Serious lobbying is URGENTLY needed over the next 2 weeks to target wavering Tory and Labour MPs to support certain amendments to the Withdrawal Bill. 

We want to ensure our MPs are fully versed on the impact certain options currently being tabled will have on the cultural sector - it is surprising how many still dont fully realise the implications and YOU can make a difference.

What you can do:

What Next are therefore asking you to make contact with your local MP and/or your Organisation's local MP, either via writing or in person and use the crib sheet and the two infographics which you can download above to explain the impact various decisions will have on the cultural sector as well as text of the amendments that are relevant to the ongoing prosperity of our sector.

The more specific you can make your information the better, so concrete examples from you about how certain actions will impact your work and the sector at large are really helpful for MPs to grasp the issues for your sector.

Click here to find your own constituency and if you hover over each constituency it gives an indication of the percentage vote to leave in the referendum, and whether the MP (as of March 2017, so some have changed) will have voted to trigger Article 50

Contact your regional CVAN network to see if you can make also make a collective response.