LADA Job Opportunity: Associate Director - Deadline 31/7/18

LADA seeks applications for its new Associate Director post. 
Deadline for applications, 12 Noon, Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Associate Director will support and direct LADA to best meet the opportunities and challenges it faces, particularly in relation to governance, organisational development, fundraising, marketing and financial management. The Associate Director will also play a central role in the strategic development of LADA's new space at The Garrett Centre, including facility and event management, partnerships, fundraising. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity for a dynamic individual to join LADA and help shape its future.

CJ Mitchell, LADA's current Co-Director, is moving to Kent, and taking on a new part time role at LADA as Development Associate until at least Spring 2019, which will include a handover with the new Associate Director.

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