Director's blog: Cultural sector in Brexit White Paper

The White Paper setting out the Government's negotiating position on future relationships between the UK and the EU following Brexit was published yesterday. Obviously, this Paper is the subject of considerable disagreement within the ruling and opposition Parties and has yet to be engaged by the EU negotiators but it does pin down what the Government would like to achieve. 

The news is as good as could be expected as the Government "attaches importance to the continued mobility of talented individuals and groups to support cultural, creative and sporting cooperation" and continued mobility for students. There is a commitment to "discuss how to facilitate temporary mobility of scientists and researchers, self-employed professionals". It also  proposes a "UK-EU youth mobility scheme to ensure that young people can continue to enjoy the social, cultural and educational benefits of living in each other’s countries". 

The White Paper proposes a framework for continued UK participation in EU programmes and projects including Creative Europe, continued membership of EU cultural networks and groups, and temporary movement of goods for major events. 

Whilst more detail is welcomed, this approach is not unexpected as the Government has always intended to retain participation in EU research and cultural frameworks. However, the EU will not welcome 'cherry picking' which could undermine the integrity of the four freedoms which underpin the EU. It is yet to be seen how the negotiations will proceed . . .