New Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright - What Does This Mean for the Arts?

Jeremy Wright was appointed Culture Secretary during the re-shuffle following on high-level Cabinet resignations over May's 'soft Brexit' plans which saw Matt Hancock moved to Health. Hancock, meanwhile, has tweeted his thanks to all the artists he's worked with as Culture Secretary. 

DCMS has been experiencing something of a rapid churn over the past few years and the appointment of an MP who hurriedly created a Twitter account just as he moved to the DCMS has caused more than a little amusement. Wright is a barrister by training, he was previously Attorney General for 4 years and much of his political career has been in MoJ and Justice Committee - his voting record reflects what many feel to be a right-leaning and digital-sceptic tendency in the current Cabinet - he's pro surveillance of social and personal communications. He's also known as a social conservative and one of his first actions as Culture Secretary has been to greenlight the Fox takeover of Sky.

What can we expect from him in terms of support for the visual arts sector at DCMS? As Creative Industries Federation has pointed out, the inclusion of digital in the DCMS remit has tended to downgrade arts and culture and it's important that we communicate its value effectively in this time of rapid change and pressures on arts funding. We will continue to work closely with ACE and other sector partners to support England's vibrant visual arts ecology.