School Artist Commission - Deadline 7/1/19

The children of Belmont Junior School, North London, have created simple drawings illustrating the school's four values– Learning, Generosity of Spirit, Collaboration and Perseverance. We would like to commission an artist(s) to use some of the children's ideas as the basis and/ or inspiration for a piece of artwork to cover a wall c. 12m x 4.5m.

Creative Brief: 
Must clearly represent the four school values – and include text.
The children will need to feel "ownership" of and to feel proud of the end result 
We would like the artwork to look and feel 'clean,' contemporary, and uncluttered. We would expect this probably to be achieved through the use of a simple palette.
Will need to be durable and otherwise suitable for a school environment. 
We would be interested in proposals for additional 'wraparound' and/ or 'outreach' type activities that would involve the children in, for example, discussions; lessons and/ or other activities related to arts education and/ or the creation of the piece.
Artists applying should have previous experience of delivering activity in education settings and working with children and young people. They should be visionary; ambitious as well as realistic of budget and timescale.

Dates/Times: Spring term 2019

Fee: Between £2000 - £4000 inclusive fee (dependent on experience; and any additional activities). 

For further details and how to apply please contact: 
Laurence Clarke, Headteacher at or