New Socially Engaged Photography Network forms

Working with organisations, photographers, community groups, academics and curators from across the country, the Socially Engaged Photography Network are building a new network to discuss and accelerate the practice of socially engaged photography. In the spirit of social practice, the network will be shaped collaboratively by its users, beginning with a quick survey to gauge how the network can be as useful as it can be. We would appreciate it if anyone interested in joining could take some time to fill it in. The network is open — join below by signing up to the mailing list.

This survey has been created in-order establish the level and types of interest for a new socially engaged photography network (SEPN). It is important to us that we hear from photographers across the country, to ensure we develop the right focus for those currently working within or potentially interested in working within this field.




When referring to the term socially engaged photography, we mean activities or projects where photographers and communities/ individuals come together to co-author or co-produce visual representations of the world around us. The process behind the work produced is often as important as the final photographic work, and projects are often reliant on collaboration and discussion. The work often reflects multiple voices about a particular social, political, economical or environmental issue, rather than that of a single artistic voice.




More on socially engaged photography:

The wider term, socially engaged practice is itself, constantly being challenged and redefined. The network hopes to apply these current debates to the context of our own photographic specialism. It is important to note that each and every organisation and individuals will navigate the process of co-authored work in different ways; the network hopes to demonstrate this diversity of practice whilst providing a stable grounding for social practice. As millions of us share our daily lives via photography on social media, we are passionate about supporting work that brings the expertise of the photographer together with the lived experience and knowledge of communities. Ultimately, we hope to act as an open network for sharing resources, learning, dissemination of current projects and practitioners, and maintaining dialogue and debate about the work within this field.


Socially Engaged Photography Projects:


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