VASW announces Future Proof


The term ‘future-proof’ refers to the ability of something to continue to be of value into the future, the guarantee of not becoming obsolete.

Visual Arts South West, in partnership with Arnolfini, invites artists, curators, arts organisations and audiences to gather for a day of discussions and learning. Join inspiring speakers to work collectively and consider our future amongst increasing precarity, limited access to the arts, the turn away from the European community converging with the rise of fascism, the rapid development of digital technologies, and the climate emergency.

Future Proof will seek to identify and address key challenges of our region while establishing collective survival strategies for the future in perpetually changing conditions. Their speakers will address:

  • Post-truth politics and the accelerated aggregation of wealth that obstruct effective responses to ecological decline.

  • The importance of hearing young voices as an essential driving force of social change.

  • Pedagogical and activist traditions in collective working.

  • The resilience, solidarity and care required to sustain diverse artistic and curatorial practices.

This day of learning and coming together is an opportunity to focus on some critical issues that artists, curators and arts organisations in the South West are facing, but cannot tackle on their own. Together we can develop new strategies of support and self-organisation that reflect our needs for the future.

Within the context of Greta Thunberg’s call for an international strike to campaign against climate change on 20 September 2019, we will be working together and investing in regenerative action.

Join us to contribute, be part of and enjoy a day packed full of listening, learning and laughter. Come and claim your stake in this region.

Click here to learn more about VASW’s speakers.

Friday 20 September 2019
10.30am – 5pm. Registration from 10am
Free of charge. Book here.