a-n Mentoring Bursaries

As part of the a-n’s commitment to supporting artists’ professional development, the network is offering a-n members remote access to a series of mentoring sessions with our visual arts mentors.

Who can apply: a-n Artist members, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser), Arts Organiser members.
What: 4 x 1 hour fully subsidised mentoring sessions with visual arts mentors.
When: Mentoring sessions will start in November 2019 and take place over 1 year. When each session takes place is for you and your mentor to decide.
Deadline for applications: 12 noon, Thursday 12 September 2019.


Following the success of a-n’s previous mentoring and one-to-one advice programmes in 2017 and 2018, the a-n Mentoring Programme continues to offer professional development support for a-n members.

a-n is working with our independent visual arts mentors to offer a year-long programme of one-to-one sessions for both artist and arts organiser members.

Mentoring sessions are offered remotely, with contact either by phone or video call making sessions flexible and accessible. Each of the 4 sessions will last 1 hour and will be undertaken over 1 year from November 2019.

Alongside this mentoring opportunity, a-n is also offering a 3-6 month Coaching programme. Mentoring and coaching are sometimes discussed as though they are interchangeable, but this isn’t the case. To help understand which might be the best fit for you, find out more about the benefits and differences between mentoring and coaching in a-n’s Resource guide Coaching or Mentoring: which is right for you?.

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