CVAN East Midlands - Document project: Call for submissions

CVAN East Midlands - Document project: Call for submissions

Document is a CVAN EM project that tracks and presents the everyday life of an artist. We’re looking to recruit a group of artists at different stages of their careers to help us tell a story of visual arts practice in this region, at this time.

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East Midlands Visual Arts Network - Annual Overview

This one-day event will consider how different relationships between organisations, artists and audiences can stretch the boundaries of art practice, using the work of two different organisations to stimulate dialogue, questions and discussion. The speakers on the day will be Alessandro Vincentelli discussing Baltic 39 and Donna Lynas discussing Wysing Arts Centre.

Thursday 25 October 2012, 13:00-18:30

The event focuses on the processes involved in producing contemporary visual art, now and in the future, with a view to informing the region’s artistic ambitions, collaborative ventures and networks.

Starting the day with informal group conversations over a shared lunch, the event will engage a diverse sample of the regional arts sector including representatives from the region's main contemporary art venues, projects, artists and curators, offering the opportunity to socialise, exchange experiences and network. The early evening sees a change in venue to encourage further discussion in a less formal atmosphere.

The event has been developed by Bruce Asbestos (Trade) and Niki Russell (Reactor/Primary) for EMVAN.

£5 entry (includes lunch and refreshments)


Contemporary Visual Arts Manchester - a mission to map artist's development in Greater Manchester

CG_TurningPoint©Joanne Keogh.jpeg

Contemporary Visual Arts Manchester (CVAM) has embarked on a mission to map opportunities for artist's continuing professional development (CPD) in Greater Manchester, and beyond.

Stage 1

Castlefield Gallery, in partnership with CVAM, is conducting a survey that aims to capture data about CPD opportunities available to emerging and mid-career artists based in the Greater Manchester area. This is a comprehensive, area-wide survey asking for current information on the range of development activities available to artists. The aim is to provide live data for the future of networked support and to nurture of the area’s creative talent. The survey will include all areas of the visual arts ecology; from the artist-led to the institutional and from local authorities to further and higher education. The live database will be shared with CVAM members by the end of March 2012, with a summary report to help disseminate the findings.

Stage 2

To take this live data further, Castlefield Gallery is collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University's MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design). The 6 month long research project, "analysing Artist's CPD in Greater Manchester: towards an integrated approach for talent development" will look at the impact of existing artist’s CPD, and make recommendations for a networked approach to talent support. There will be a number of outlets for this research, including plans for a national conference with MMU in October 2012.

If you would like more information about this project then please contact Kwong Lee, Director of Castlefield Gallery who is overseeing activity: