Summit 2012 - Videos from the 10th May event at London's City Hall

We've begun to upload the collection of videos from Contemporary Visual Arts Network's 2012 Summit, held at City Hall in London.

All sessions from the 10th May event were recorded and we are slowly but surely getting them uploaded to Vimeo. The first two videos are embedded below.

Each time a new video is added we will post a News item on this site. We are also building a Summit Video page that will launch as soon as the last video is up, providing a full archive of the event for future reference. For more information about the Summit, please click here

'The Doors of the Administration Building' - Gavin Wade's opening address for our 3rd national summit

2008 © Liam Gillick, The Doors Of The Administration Building Will Remain Open 2008 photo by Stuart Whipp

The world is understood through myths. All meaning comes to us as stories. We can take control of these stories to create our own meaning and form new myths. Fragments of stories and half-remembered truths form constantly re-written histories and articulate new and possible futures.

The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths.

  • Truth No. 1 – There is no establishment and no alternative
  • Truth No. 2 – Political art is over

Gavin Wade – What do we mean 'political art'? To be implicated in and be an active part of the political machine?

Andy Field – Politics is by definition 'of the people'. It should no more be defined by the political machine, than love is by Valentines day.

Gavin Wade – Should art, then, be defined by the art machine?

Is this what we mean by establishment? The art machine?

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