Why Art Works - a compelling case for the contemporary visual arts in Lancashire and Cumbria

Why Art Works is the summary of an evaluation study commissioned by North by NorthWest, a consortium of 12 publicly funded visual arts organisations who have come together to support, promote and develop the contemporary visual arts in Lancashire and Cumbria. 

The member organisations are all different in terms of size, structure and offer; however they are all passionate about contemporary visual arts. North by NorthWest is sector-led and is part of the national Turning Point network.

The report

The report makes a compelling case for supporting and exploiting the impact of the contemporary visual arts in Lancashire and Cumbria.

This case is illustrated by the Why Art Works benefits model, which identifies 10 key benefits categorised into three thematic areas:

  • Creating better communities to live in
  • Changing the way places look
  • Changing perceptions of places
Economic Value
  • Attracting and retaining talent, trade and investment
  • Attracting higher value tourists
  • Stimulating a creative economy
Engaging and connecting communities
  • Connecting communities to the world (and vice versa)
  • Engaging communities with other agendas
  • Changing the way people think, see and act
  • Creating art for its own intrinsic worth

All ten benefits are supported by case studies from member organisations demonstrating how they present imaginative, inspiring programmes that deliver multiple, measurable benefits and a solid return on investment. Find out more by downloading the Why Art Works report.

Click here for more information about North by NorthWest and the member organisations.

Is Turning Point Network working? Read the interim evaluation report and find out...

In 2008, Annabel Jackson Associates was set the task of evaluating the Turning Point Network pilot project, in order to determine whether a national network of of this kind would help to realise the Turning Point mission: the strengthen the visual arts.

This image is taken from the Social Media Analysis section of the report, and illustrates the working relationships that exist across the network

Annabel's interim report has just been published, and the process of disseminating the story, and the learning so far began at the second national Turning Point Network event at Towner, Eastbourne last week.

You can download the interim report today, and we welcome your comments and feedback. If you have a view to share, or a comment to make then please use the comments sections directly below this post.

Report on business models in the visual arts

Here is the link to my draft report on business models in the visual arts.

I would like to thank the Network for asking me to undertake this work and everyone who answered my questions, prompted my thinking and pointed me in the direction of interesting ideas and case studies.

This is a draft; I would really value your feedback on both the report and on where you think the Network might go with some of these ideas next.  You can comment on this blog, email me at susanjroyce@gmail.com or do the old fashioned thing and catch me at Eastbourne next week.

At the national conference I will be leading a workshop that seeks to explore some of the issues I (and many others have rasied) around collaboration and shared services.  If there are specific questions you want to consider at that session - do get in touch.