Join Leeds Creative Timebank!

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Leeds Creative Timebank is a formalised system for its members to exchange their skills, knowledge and experience with each other, valued in units of one hour of time. Once a member, your time-credit hours can be regularly deposited and withdrawn to support and develop your own practice or research activities, and resource projects in new and novel ways.

Benefits to participation include:

  • Realising projects
  • Undertaking professional development
  • Opening up new collaborations
  • Research and development in thinking and practice 
  • Repositioning and extending practice
  • Enhancing income generating opportunities

(These are all benefits members experienced during the pilot phase 2010)

See for the Leeds Creative Bank demonstration video describing how the Timebank works and what it can offer you.

TPNE has been working with Leeds Creative Timebank, which is now mentoring Teesside Creative Timebank, managed by Platform A and funded by Turning Point North East.  Another Northern Creative Timebank is goiung to be rolled out in the next six months.  Sue Ball, Director of MAAP, will be discussing the Creative Timebank scheme at the Turning Point Network summit on 10th May at City Hall, London.

After running the pilot phase and with 30 active members, we are now looking to double the membership by inviting you to learn more about its potential for you and for the wider creative community in the city.

Through submitting an Expression of Interest form by 2.5.12 (see below), you'll be invited to the next induction event in early June where you will find out about the Timebank, and can join up there and then.

LCT Membership Criteria April 2012

  • We are looking for new members who:
  • Are interested in the ethics of the Timebank
  • Have time to give to other members
  • Have projects and ideas you'd like Timebank support with 
  • Live and/or work in Leeds (the Timebank operates within the geographical limits of Leeds)

We currently have skills gaps in these areas: social media, photography, makers (carpenters, metalworkers), allied theatre/performance artists, musicians, writers, administrators. We are particularly keen to recruit emerging artists/designers etc and recent graduates.

We can only sign up 30 new members this June, so your name may be placed on a waiting list. We plan to continue to expand Timebank membership over the next few months. 

Leeds Creative Timebank has been developed for the creative community and supports the ethics associated with the arts - flexibility, transparency, free-sharing of information, self-reflection and the production of alternatives - as part of its values. Leeds Creative Timebank is not a stop-gap measure; it is an ambitious project which values professional development and the building of trust and social capital as a critique of and alternative to the cash economy. It is self-sustaining and not reliant on the vagaries of external funding regimes.

We are aiming to build a diverse and balanced constituency of members, in terms of age, background and levels of professional experience, from across all art-forms areas, such as dance, visual arts, music, theatre; allied disciplines such as architecture, arts professionals, administrators, marketing officers; academics and social activists.

Leeds Creative Time Bank members offer each other advice, mentoring and training, to professional skills, and to general 'hands-on' help, via simple reciprocal exchange.

From Leeds Creative Timebank Management Group:

Andy Abbott, Garry Barker, Sue Ball, Phill Harding, Jonathan Lindh, Sarah Spanton