Bursary Announcements

Following a strong response to the call for Critical Bursary applications from the Critical Dialogue working group in November last year, over 16 applications were received from across the North East region.

All applications were scored by a cross regional visual arts panel down to six applications and then shortlisted further to a final three submissions with the support of an external assessor Rosalind Furness, Publications Editor of the Serpentine Gallery, London and former Frieze Yearbook editor. This process ensured that the full scope of the submissions were fully examined and discussed and ensured TPNE adopted a fair and thorough process. The three successful recipients were:

PACE – This is an artist-led project, involving a group of eight artists based in the North East region.The eight artists that constitute the group are, Sarah Bray, Alex Charrington, Rachael Clewlow, Peter J. Evans, James Hugonin, Nick Kennedy, Anne Vibeke Mou and Richard Rigg. The work of these artists is characterized by a particular rigour, resolve and pace, with its foundations in a systematic or ritualistic approach to making.The aim of this project is to examine the developing relationship between this group of artists and establish a forum for critical dialogue within the group. This will take place through collaboration with selected writers and curators and is expected to culminate in written text, blogs and the presentation of a future group exhibition.

Spectrum Almanac - Spectrum is a recently formed group of emerging artists that live and practice within Newcastle upon Tyne. The collective consists of four recent graduates: Adam Hogarth, Sebastian Trend, Thomas Whittle and Mike Pratt. The group is based at the New Bridge Space and Pop-Up studios, a recently formed artist studio and gallery in the hub of Newcastle city centre. The group are looking to engage critics and writers in discussions and critiques that will result in critical writing and online blogs about the work of the artists involved.

3 Degrees of Separation - The programme consists of three discussion events each one with a different focus, drawn from links the artists have identified in their own work. A different curator/writer will be invited to participate and respond to the work and conversations in each event, culminating in three new commissioned texts.

The selection of artists is based on the principle of degrees of separation. Rather than pre-determining a group of artists, this simple idea will be used as a way of initiating dialogues with artists outside existing networks and peers, as a way of broadening critical debate and establishing new connections between artists across the region.

Over the next two months the blog and website addresses associated with these three projects will be put up on the Turning Point North East website.