International Artist Mobility Lab

Mobility Lab. Image by K.Ryniewicz
Here are our final recommendations following the TPNE Mobility of Visual Artists Lab that took place at Baltic on 9th/10th May in collaboration with ISIS Arts. This event brought people from across the UK and from Europe to discuss the issues surrounding artist mobility into the UK.
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The revised and comprehensive Lab Primer including key documents and websites from the UK, Europe and beyond is a useful guide for anyone trying to navigate the world of artist mobility into the UK.
These documents were commissioned by Turning Point North East from International Artist Mobility expert Judith Staines who helped shape, contextualise and summarise the event, its recommendations and findings and produced the newly revised and up to date primer

 This is a timely distribution of information, as it aligns with recent press publicity that has been given from the letter written by Manick Govinda of ArtsAdmin that was accompanied by many impressive signatories in the Telegraph. Further coverage has continued in the press since. We hope to continue and develop our relationship with AN, VAGA, ArtsAdmin, Visiting Arts and support them in championing this cause to change the visa system introduced to manage migration into the United Kingdom. The current system often prevents visiting artists from entering the UK and we need the Government to understand the detrimental impact this is having on artists and programmers in the arts sector. We also hope to build on the relationship we have started to develop through this work with European Networks such as Culture Action Europe, IAA (International Artists Association) and IGBK (German Visual Arts Network.

We plan to keep you updated on this campaign so register your email on this site and we will keep you abreast of developments.

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