Skills Swop Audit event 18th November 2010

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) working group have been developing a system that could be implemented regionally within the visual arts sector to encourage the sharing of skills, knowledge and expertise. An IT skills bank would allow professionals to enter what skills they require which would then be matched against another professional who can provide training to that person. Based on a time bank model, the system would allow members to use credits to gain access to the wide base of skills and expertise that the sector has to offer in the North East region.

The CPD Working Group devised a skills audit sheet to test out on 25 members at an event in November at Baltic, in order to gain feedback on its effectiveness and where it needed amending and adding to. A diverse group of members attended and gave a robust and informative response to the proposal.

The group are now implementing changes to the audit as a result of feedback and plan to test the effectiveness of such an exchange on a small pilot group before considering the further investment on an IT system. This initial testing is to take place in February/March of 2011, If you would like to be involved in the pilot group testing this programme please get in touch with Julia Bell, TPNE Co-ordinator.