Summit 2012 - Video Collection

A collection of videos from Contemporary Visual Arts Network's 2012 Summit, held at City Hall in London.

For more information about the event, please click here.

Godfrey Worsdale opens the event:

Gavin Wade offers an opening address:

Steve Foster introduces the first panel debate, Measuring Value. The panel includes Dany Louise, Kwong Lee, Melissa Gronlund and James Rebanks. This video is in three parts:

Donna Lynas introduces the subject of the second panel debate, Alternative Economies:

Andreas Lang of Publicworks gives his presentation on the subject of Alternative Economies:

Artist Sarah Browne shares her views on the subject of Alternative Economies:

Director of MAAP, Sue Ball, talks about Timebanking as an Alternative Economy:

CEO of Timebanking UK, Sam Hopley, talks about the benefits of Timebanking:

A Q&A session ended the Alternative Economies debate:

Annabel Jackson presents her thoughts on Conceptualising Engagement:

Gill Nicol, Director of Lightsgoingon, shares her experience of running audience engagement projects:

The third debate concludes with this Q&A session: